Astra Vocational School

Given the fact that vocational schools have been abolished, young people are no longer able to acquire a qualification in a trade, and the skilled workforce in the industry is aging. The management of the ASTRA Vagoane Călători Company decided to get directly involved in solving these problems by setting up its own private vocation school. The “ASTRA” Vocational School has an excellent material base, the students do not only learn theory, but also benefit from practice hours in the factory and learn how to build trams and wagons.

The business owner had the initiative to set up a Vocational School, to prepare young people for the jobs of welder, lathe, locksmith, metal construction and technological equipment, electromechanical rolling stock, electrician electrical and energy appliances and equipment, machine operator with numerical control.

“In the fisrt place we will prepare our future staff with medium training, who will work foremost in the halls of our factory, but also for other Arad companies, if there are requests, and we will have sufficient training capacity,” said Valer Blidar, the president of Astra Vagoane Calatori.

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