Băsescu: "Astra Vagoane Călători has perspectives in Latin America"

The President Traian Băsescu declared, on Sunday, in Santiago de Chile, where the EU-Latin America-Caribbean summit took place, that companies such as Astra Vagoane Călători Arad, Romarm, but also companies that produce cars or appliances have a chance to enter the market from this area.

According to Băsescu, the summit documents record the achievement of a strategic partnership between the EU and the Community of Latin and Caribbean States (CELAC), and this partnership is a good opportunity for Romanian companies as well.

„What interests does Romania have in CELAC? I would give you a figure: this year the level of 2012 up to the 11th month inclusive, the level of trade between Romania and Latin American countries has increased by 47% and we have a slight surplus. Romania exported 700 million (euro – n.r.), Latin American countries exported 600 million. It’s an explosive growth. I can tell you that there have been economic missions, and Astra Vagoane Calatori Arad, available to make passenger cars, freight trains, subways, is a company that is expected to be successful. Romarm had a evaluation missions and also the prospect of good contracts, not in the least the machine building industry, home appliances also has very good prospects in Latin America and means a return of ours where we have been before, but with other quality products, including oil equipment “, said the president.

Basescu was optimistic that Romania will re-enter this market.

“I believe that within this strategic partnership, Romania has a chance, especially since I say this without hesitation, from analyzes made, the Romanian economy is competitive in Latin America and the Caribbean, and the framework from this summit will allows Romanian companies to intensify their export activities because just as the return to the Arab world markets has started in the last two or three years, we must also return to the South American markets in order not to be so dependent on what is happening within the EU, “he said.

“I think that in the shortest time, this does not mean tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, we will have to organize a tour at political level with meetings with the business community in order to consolidate this chance for the Romanian economy”, Băsescu also stated.
Asked if anything concrete had been established in connection with the investments, the president replied: “Do you see me as a director at Astra Vagoane Călători? I told you what perspectives we have, I don’t deal with contracts. We have chances in Brazil, Peru and other South American countries. “