Imperio Arad

The Imperio tram is the latest product of our company. It is the first modern tram, with 100% low floor produced in Romania. It is intended to replace the currently outworn vehicles in the depots in Romania. It is produced in cooperation with Siemens and has a modern design and current technical standards. With uni or bidirectional operation it has a spacious interior, in light colors, modifiable according to customer requirements. The concept guarantees the best ratio for price, operation and maintenance.

• transport capacity fot 302 passengers, of which 36 with seats;

• lowered floor;

• ramp for wheelchairs for people with reduced mobility;

• specially arranged place in the tram for wheelchairs and baby strollers;

• four double doors with safety system for passengers;

• braking energy recovery system;

• air conditioning system;

• interior lighting system with LED lamps;

• four external LED route displays (1 front, 2 side, 1 rear);

• two LED indicators for station viewing;

• six LCD information monitors;

• two indoor LED indicators for station viewing;

• voice announcement for stations;

• amplification station, Radio-CD and microphone;

• Free WIFI for travelers;

• indoor and outdoor video surveillance system;

• ticketing system;

• POS card purchase system directly from the tram.